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After 7 years of experience in tourism as a Concierge in Paris, HOME LUXURY develops its Concierge in México. Our methods and our excellence in French luxury are now at your service. We offer professional alternatives to owners who do not have much time.


Increase your income

To increase the profitability of your income, trust us with the management of your home. We are experts in the provision of services.

HOME LUXURY  MÉXICO is here to save you time and take care of your real estate in Merida, Progreso, Tulum according to different packages.


Servicio Conserjeria Airbnb Merida Concierge Limpieza Casa Check-in

Rent your house easy

Our goal is to manage your home when you are not available. We make sure that your travelers enjoy an unforgettable experience during their stay.

Para rentar su vivienda cuando usted está de viaje, sin preocuparse de nada, somos la solución.





Check-in & Check-out

Premium Package

  • Check-in / Check-out - Physical presence
  • Airbnb listing creation
  • Reservation management
  • Communication in English, Spanish or French
  • Monthly property inspection


Premium Package Prices

  • From 3 nights of rent:                20%*

*Our commission is a percentage of the total price that you charge your clients.

Gold package

  • Check-in / Check-out - Physical presence
  • Airbnb listing creation
  • Reservation management
  • Communication in English, Spanish or French
  • Frequent property inspection


  • Management of minor repairs
  • Supplier management (electricity, water, gas)
  • Inventory review of its effects when leaving the tenant
  • Assistance in product purchases (cleaning, kitchen, bathrooms, swimming pool)


  • HOME LUXURY agent available to the tenant at all times, a WhatsApp number may be provided


Gold Package Prices

  • From 3 nights of rent:             25%*

*Our commission is a percentage of the total price that you charge your clients.

Cleaning & Laundry

Cleaning & Laundry Package

  • Professional cleaner
  • whites laundry

The cleaning service is done by trained personnel with high standards of hygiene and disinfection. The teams are made up of cleaning staff and a supervisor.

We directly take care of the laundry service for the whites of your house: duvets, pillowcases, sheets and towels.


Cleaning & Laundry Package Prices

The cost of cleaning is in charge of the travelers, it will be included directly in Airbnb. 

It is not paid by the owner.

This price is determined by the size of the space, the special aspects, the number of rooms.

The minimum cost corresponds to the application of the Unit Prices of Cleaning & Laundry.

Professional pictures

Professional Photos Package

  • Professional photos of your home
  • Customer search on Airbnb, TripAdvisor, Booking, Abritel, Homeaway

We make your listing on Airbnb with optimized professional photos, to present your property in the best light.


Professional Photos Package Prices

  • Rate - According to a price estimate

Services to clients

Customer Services Package

  • Maintenance (small repairs)
  • Pool maintenance
  • Garden maintenance
  • Linens
  • Toiletries and coffee
  • Home food delivery
  • Airport transfers

We have a network of local, professional and trustworthy workers. Thus, the property can always be kept in excellent condition.


Customer Services Package Prices

  • Rate - According to a price estimate

Frequent questions

Why rent your villa on Airbnb with HOME LUXURY MEXICO? 
If you decide to take the plunge for the first time, it is good that your rental is managed by experts so that you have all your chances in the market. This is the best way to make part of your vacation profitable, or simply rent your residence. We make sure that the satisfaction of the tenant, once they arrive at the place, is optimal for them to recommend your property, becoming a future SuperHost. 

What are the expenses? 
Our concierge commission is based on the price per night of each reservation, after deduction of the fees of the rental platform (Airbnb, Booking, etc.). The owner does not pay the cleaning costs, but the travelers. 

Why cleanliness is essential? 
Cleanliness is a fundamental element to receive travelers in the best conditions. Owners do not necessarily have a lot of time to dedicate to this essential task. The advantage for some homeowners of renting out their primary residence is precisely the fact that they can generate income while away, but it is difficult to keep a house consistently clean and in good condition when you are away yourself. 

How many sets of targets do I need? 
It is necessary to have 3 sets of linens per bed and 3 sets of towels for each guest. The first is used when the traveler comes, the second is the previous traveler's set of sheets (it's in the wash), and the third is in case the traveler needs to change the sheets instead because of a stain or something else. 

Why entrust the cleaning and laundry of your house to a company? 
The standards have now been changed by tourism professionals handling more and more listings. The expectations are no longer the same. Tenants increasingly expect a very high, almost professional level of cleanliness. Entrusting your property to a concierge, in addition to saving money, is a great time saver.


WhatsApp: +52 999 901 2928


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